Forklift truck safety audit

Forklift is an extremely crucial tool at manufacturing sites as it helps move the material from one place to another. Its maintenance and safety decide how smooth the overall functioning of the site is. One must ensure through regular inspections that the forklift truck is safe to use for the workers and increase productivity.

Forklift Truck Safety
The operator of the forklift is well trained within the standard time period?
Does the site have a copy of the operator’s training certificate?
Has the authorization been signed by the operator regarding annual renewal?
Are the fault reporting procedures properly understood by the operator?
Has the operator’s certificate and authorization for the operation of forklift been checked properly?
Mention the type of truck you want to check
Make number
Model number
Serial number
What is the motive power?
Is the safety data information bar connected to the carriage plate?
Are the load bearing devices safe to use?
Is the backrest extension safe to use?
Is the Mast safe?
Are the Mast rollers and slides safe to use?
Are the lift chains safe?
Are the chain pulleys safely operated?
Are hydraulic rams safe?
Is hydraulic cable safe?
Are the wheels of lift in good condition?
Are the tyres in good condition?
Overall external conditions look good and safe?
Is the counterweight safe?
In case the trucks are not in use, are the keys removed consciously?
Is the operator’s seat inside the truck safe?
Is the seat of the operator comfortable?
Is the LPG cylinder attached to the truck safe?
Does the operator carry out the starting procedure of the truck safely?
Is the starting procedure of the electric truck safe?
Is the starting procedure of the LPG truck safe?
Are the lights safe?
Is the warning system audible enough and safe?
Are all the hydraulic systems safe?
Is the driving operation carried out safely?
Is the foot brake function safe?
Is the park brake function safe?
Is the overall condition and operation of the lift truck safe and secure?

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