Workplace Transport Safety Audit

Area layout
Are the vehicle routes wide enough to accommodate vehicle movement?
For two way traffic, is there adequate room for vehicles to pass each other?
Are floor surfaces crack free and well maintained?
Are surfaces level enough for safe transportation?
Are pathways obstruction free?
Are there adequate control measures if blind spots occur?
Does the area have proper signs displaying restricted pedestrian access, fork lifts operating and speed limits?
Is identification of cleared vehicle/pedestrian routes done?
Are proper crossings marked where pedestrians cross?
Do pedestrian and vehicle routes have sufficient lighting?
Is there a designated place for parking vehicles when not in use?
Are barriers built in case of collision to protect persons and vulnerable equipment?
Are low entrances over overhead restrictions properly marked?
Is there a priority in one way systems to prevent the need for close vehicles passing, waiting and unnecessary reversing?
Audit verification
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Transport safety
Are personnel work stations away from areas where complex operations take place to avoid impact collisions? If not, are suitable controls in place?
Is the area designed in such a way that there is no need for banks man?
Are loading and unloading activities carried out away from passing traffic, operators and others not involved in the operation?
Is the use of powered lifting equipment secured to prevent unauthorised access?
Is security system in place to prevent unauthorised access and use of lifting equipment?
Are there separate/direct access to doors for vehicles and pedestrians?
Are priority controls in place to prevent collision between vehicles and pedestrians where the common door is used?
Within the capacity of the equipment used are the loads being lifted?
Is the equipment used appropriate for the operating work and space?
Are alternative ways of transporting items through the area been given consideration?

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