Warehouse maintenance checklist

Warehouse maintenance is a heavy task. It includes hygiene, safety measures, maintenance inspections, etc. to ensure a seamless experience for your workers thus in turn for your consumers too.

Are any electrical cables frayed?
Are any electrical cables free on ground?
Are there any electrical parts damaged?
Are there safety switches in all circuits?
Fire Alarm
Is fire alarm tested regularly?
Is fire alarm serviced regularly?
Is path to fire alarm obstruction free?
Fire control equipment
Are fire extinguishers serviced regularly?
Is fire extinguisher servicing documented?
Is there a location match between fire extinguishers on map and in reality?
Is path to fire extinguisher obstruction free?
Is fire extinguisher damage free?
Are there materials piled up to obstruct sprinkler?
Is fire extinguisher filled?
Are all sprinklers free of obstruction?
Is fire extinguisher expired?
Are all sprinkler heads clean?
Is last service details on fire extinguisher tag ?
Fire drills
Date of last drill?
Was the last drill successful?
Are corrective measures from last drill taken care of?
Are drills conducted regularly?
Fire Exits
Are fire exit signage's legible?
Is there proper labeling for fire exits?
Are fire exit signage's illuminated?
Are fire exits obstruction free?
Are fire exit doors auto closed?
Is a premises map with exit route map and fire protection equipment location available?
Is a premises map with exit route map and fire protection equipment location displayed?
At induction of new employees are they taken through the procedure of Fire safety?
Unit name
Date and time
Hazardous Materials
Is chemicals and hazardous materials stored as per the fire safety standards?
Do chemicals and hazardous material storage area have a secured access system?
Is there exhaust fan at the storage of chemicals and hazardous materials ?
Are only trained employees allowed to handle chemicals and hazardous materials ?
Is there good ventilation when chemicals and hazardous materials are used?
Hot Works
Is regular Hot Works inspection done?
Is there valid Hot Works permit?
Sign Off
Corrective measures
Name of Inspector
Signature of inspector
Smoking Controls
Are all "no smoking" signage's legible?
Is there a smoking area?
Are there "no smoking" signage's installed everywhere?
Is there a sign of smoking in non smoking area?
Are all "no smoking" signage's visible?
Are cigarette dispenser regularly cleaned?
Is smoking area far away from combustible material?
Spray Booth
Is the Spray Painting Booths as per fire safety standards?
Is there good ventilation and exhaust fan installed in booths?
Are fire extinguishers available in the spray booth?
Are fire extinguishers within reach in the spray booth?
Are fire extinguishers available in the painting areas?
Are fire extinguishers within reach in the painting areas?
Are fire extinguishers available in the paint storage areas?
Are fire extinguishers within reach in the paint storage areas?
Vehicles in unit
Are the auto chargers kept away from combustible material?
Is fire extinguisher installed in all vehicles including forklift?
Are these installed fire extinguisher full and serviced?
Waste management
Is combustible waste material stored far away from the facility?
Is everyday cleaning of dust accumulation system happening?

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