Warehouse Hygiene checklist

Cleanliness check on Assembly area
Bulk area clean and well presented?
Were the products in bulk area kept in an accessible manner?
Pick grind clean and tidy?
Was there any old pallets / red bins in the loading area ?
Post area clean and tidy?
Storage location products were well presented?
Was the Pick mezzanine clean?
Was the transit area clean and well presented?
Earlier reports and action
All earlier reported safety concerns addressed?
Hygiene related issues corrected?
All procedural queries resolved from previous report?
Entry and exit
Was there any Goods in walkways?
Were the Pick grid / post area free fom any obstructions ?
Was the Pick mezzaine free from any obstuction?
Garage / returns area clear?
Was there wany broken tools and new defective mezzanine?
Were all ire exits clear / correctly labeled ?
Was the products presented safely?
Products stored in a manner to reduce damage?
Was the products divided and labeled as - damaged, non conforming, good stock and overs / unders
Returns /BT/ NDT
Was the Products categorised and tagged?
Any on shift report related to safety?
All safety concerns solved?

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