Transport Managers Audit Document

Audit Verification
Transport Manager's signature
Operations Manager's signature
Date of completion
Company Fleet Insurance and Accidents
How many company fleet insurance policy's do inter-line have?
Who are the Policy's with?
Company Fleet Insurance is valid until?
How many company vehicles are under the fleet insurance?
Are all fleet vehicles fully insured?
Are all plant vehicles fully insured?
CPC checks
To complete a CPC (certificate of professional competence) course there is a need of Transport Manager, is this scheduled?
Is Inter-Line on schedule to meet the required standards and deadlines regarding CPC legislation?
Mention the Date from which CPC is mandate
Are records kept on Driver CPC?
Is HR updated on CPC information?
Driver training, records and checks
Are all staff Forklift certificates updated?
Mention today's date
Are all HIAB certificates updated?
Are all "Manual Handling" certificates updated?
Is training of LGV staff active?
Are all records properly maintained (incidents/accidents)?
When is the next date our Insurance requires an update on Staff Driving licences?
When and who was the last driver you randomly breathalysed in accordance with the Company Policy?
Mention the Date
Is there a record keeping of Plant safety (DM)
Incidents & Accidents
Are all incidents & accidents reported to the Operations Manager/Director?
please upload evidence of any incident or accident
Operators Licence and tax
When is the Operators Licence due for renewal?
Is the Company complying to all the requirements to safeguard the Operators Licence?
Are all fleet vehicles fully taxed?
Tachograph Management
Are Driver Tachographs filled?
Demonstrate the record keeping on for F.T.A. Tachograph infringements?
Transport Manager responsibilities
Mention the Date of last Load Inspection
Are regular visits being carried out to meet other Managers, to ensure efficiency?
Is the company/driver handbook being adhered too by all drivers?
Are branch transfers completed within 36 Hrs of receiving a purchase order?

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