Transit Damage Report Checklist

Is the previous audit filed?
Is the membership valid?
Is the load labeled correctly?
Is the driver wearing the correct PPE?
Is the assistant having correct PPE?
Is a secured fire extinguisher available on site?
Is a dangerous goods operator card available in vehicles?
Does the driver have a valid license?
Is the vehicle carrying hazardous waste?
Is the vehicle registered for the same?
Are lights functional in vehicles?
Is the windscreen in good condition?
Are tires in good condition?
Are side and rear mirrors working well?
Is the vehicle insured?
Does the insurance cover oil spills?
Is the waste manifest signed correctly?
Is the vehicle inspected daily?
Are tanks and containers in good condition?
Is there a valid trim card for load?
Are drivers and assistants trained to operate the vehicle?
General Compliance
Is the vehicle compliant?
Additional comments
Operational Requirements
Is the vehicle clean to be operated safely?
Is the drip tray in good condition?
Does the operator manual have all procedures?
Is the hose in good condition?
Is the pump secured?
Is the pump neat?
Is the spill kit complete?
Is the spill kit in good condition?
Is a fully stocked first aid kit available?
Are oily rags and filters contained using the proper method?
Process Application
Is spill procedure followed?
Are fire safety procedures followed?
Are health and safety procedures followed?

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