Risk Management Assessment

A risk assessment checklist inspects potential risks and hazards at the construction site and covers PPE, material, storage, chemical hazards and work at height. This is a regular activity at a construction site to ensure employees feel safe and a culture is created where near-miss situations, incidents, observations, etc can be reported as early as possible.

Aerial lifts
Is user certification available?
Is fall protection required?
Are aerial lifts used properly?
Concrete and masonry
Are limited access zones established?
Is safe hoisting equipment available?
Are masonry walls braced where necessary?
Are all protruded rebars guarded?
Confined spaces
Is the rescue plan understood and well communicated?
Is a permit available?
Is an air monitor available on site?
Are energy sources tagged?
Are atmosphere test results documented?
Is there adequate ventilation?
Cranes, rigging, and signal person?
Is a critical lift permit being used?
Is an experienced and certified crane operator available on site?
Is the lift director on site?
Is swing radius controlled?
Is a qualified rigger person available?
Is rigging inspection done by a competent person?
Are power lines deactivated and moved to a safe space?
Is the log of rigging inspection maintained?
Is an empty gas cylinder marked?
Are gas cylinders properly stored?
Is the gas cylinder stored upright?
Are cylinders capped?
Are all equipments in good condition?
Are all tools and cords connected?
Are power tools protected with internal grounding?
Are cords and wires secured?
Are pinched or drive-over hazards eliminated?
Are exposed light bulbs caged?
Are good electrical practices being followed?
Are terminal boxes covered properly?
Is there adequate flash protection?
Is flash equipment inspected and in good condition?
Is a competent person available on site?
Was the on-call system contacted?
Is change in conditions documented?
Are holes and trenches identified?
Are holes and trenches protected?
Are utilities protected?
Are surface encumbrances protected?
Are spoil piles away from the edge of an excavation?
Are overhead power lines at least 10' away?
Fall protection
Are people working below are protected from falling objects?
Is fall protection at 6' or more?
Are warning lines at least 15' from the edge?
Is wall opening well guarded?
Is a controlled access zone being used?
Do open-sided floors have adequate guard rails?
Are guardrails replaced after receiving each load?
Are floor openings barricaded?
Fire protection and prevention
Is a fire extinguisher available within 50' of flammable substance?
Is fire extinguisher 1/3000 sqft?
Is bulk fluid labeled and grounded?
Are gasoline and diesel stored in approved metal containers?
Are the required number of extinguishers available?
Is explosive material stored and handled in the right manner?
Do all vehicles and equipment have fire extinguishers?
First aid and emergency?
Is a fully stocked first aid kit available on site?
Meeting attendance paperwork available?
Are toolbox talk documents available?
Is a daily crew safety huddle document in place?
Is a daily pre-use inspection document available?
Is aerial work platform daily inspection document available?
Is an excavation permit in place?
Is hazard assessment for confined spaces documented?
Is a daily safety field checklist available?
Is a confined space permit available?
Are ventilation and air sampling documents available?
Is scaffold inspected?
Is a hot work permit available?
Is a critical lift permit available?
Hand and power tools
Are tools stored safely?
Are safe work practices being followed?
Are guards in place?
Are correct tools used for the intended purpose?
Are tools in good condition?
Are tools maintained properly?
Hot works
Is a hot work permit in place?
Is additional PPE provided?
Are welding screens provided?
Is a fire extinguisher available?
Are respirators used?
Is the equipment in good condition?
Is a fire watch provided for 30 minutes post work?
Sign of superintendent
Is trash picked up and disposed of on time?
Are work trailers clean and organized?
Are there adequate and well-maintained portable toilets and hand wash stations?
Are work areas clean and organized?
Are walkways clear and free from obstruction?
Are there any projecting screws or nails?
Is potable water available?
Is material stored properly and safely?
Other items found
Sign of supervisor
Sign of safety representative
Is FR clothing being used?
Are workers wearing safety glasses?
Are hard hats being worn?
Are workers wearing high viz vests as needed?
Is hearing protection used?
Is respiratory protection used?
Is other PPE used as needed?
Are scaffolds properly tagged?
Are scaffolds erected and supervised by trained personnel?
Is fall protection used?
Is cross bracing in place?
Is scaffolding tied properly?
Is scaffolding fully planked?
Are toe boards in place?
Do planks extend 6'' or more?
Is plank spacing 1'' or less?
Are mudsills and base plates being used?
Is ladder access available?
Silica exposure control
Is equipment inspected and in good condition?
Is control fully inspected?
Are filters changed regularly?
Is respiratory protection being used?
Staircase and ladder
Are ladders secured?
Are ladders in good condition?
Do ladders extend 3' overground?
Are labels visible?
Are guard rails provided?
Are step ladders used in the right manner?
Are handrails available for stairways with at least 4 risers?
Training, communication, and posters?
Is OSHA notice posted?
Is the site board updated?
Is the site board visible?
Is the location and address of the nearest medical center posted?
Is the safety plan posted?
Is sub-contractor SDS information available?
Vehicles and heavy equipment
Are seat belts worn?
Are the horn and backup alarms working?
Is traffic control in place?
Is a fire extinguisher available and charged?
Is the fire extinguisher inspected?
Are weights and loads controlled?
Are there adequate signs for travel safety?

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