Plumbing Inspection Checklist

Audit verification
Please mention the Full Name of Inspector
Please validate the inspection with signature
External checks and damages
Is the water pressure at a safe level?
Is there any visible signs of cracks, brittleness, or leaking?
Is the drainage line free from corrosion or any pipe damage?
Did you notice if the gutter was obstructed?
Internal checks and damages
Did you notice any leaks/damages on faucets?
Are there any water drips when the spigot is turned off or when the water is running?
Are there any visible signs of water stains on walls/ceilings?
Are there any loose fitting in the toilet ?
Is there any blockage in water drains?
Are water lines roughed at the correct height and location?
Are med gas outlets installation done at the correct location?
Did you notice pipe insulate in their respective places?
Is the waste outlet capped and fixed at the correct location?
Are all the penetration via floor and are they sealed properly?
Is there any leakage in valves?
Is the plumbing system closely sealed?
Is a test conducted on water piping pressure?
Did you notice any issue with the pipe fittings?
Are results satisfied?
Please provide your suggestions
Water markings and checks
Are used materials properly marked and approved?
Is there an indication of hot to the left and cold to the right?
Are tempering valves installed?
Did bathroom fixtures reach a max.of 50 degree centigrade?
Did you notice proper labels on pipe work?
Is pipe work at every truss or 600mm max on horizontal secured?
Is Pressure test at 1500 Kpa?

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