Operational Readiness Checklist Template

Audit verification
Project manager's name
Please validate the inspection with signature
Documentation process
Which of the following plans are developed?
Which of the following plans are approved?
Are the documents reviewed and signed by the business owner?
Is there any difference of manpower count from that of the plan?
Emergency action
Are the Emergency Management Plan documents developed and signed?
Has the contractor completed a Hazards Survey to inspect presence of hazards and its impact?
Has the Service Agreements (emergency and medical external support) been provided and agreed upon?
Is the Test and Evaluation Master Plan approved and accepted?
Are all the required documents provided to the Operational Test group?
Have the operational test group received all the resources of operational test?
During the Operational Test & Evaluation, is the personnel training point person available?
Are the required critical resources identified along with back-ups? and are they available during the Operational Test & Evaluation?
Does the report have complete information on Development Test and Evaluation (DT&E)?
Has the DT&E data been reviewed and received by the operational test team?
Environmental safety
Does the facility comply with environmental compliance requirements?
Does the system comply with the following?
Have the authorities approved the documents of safety management system?
Overall comments/Summary
Project details
Mention the Project title
Business Requirements
Purpose of the project
Mention the names of the stakeholders
Mention the name of Reviewer/Analyst
Startup plan
Is the commission plan made and accepted?
Is the Maintenance Program Plan developed and accepted?
Is the Startup Plan developed and accepted?
Is the Startup Review Board Charter developed and approved?
Training plans
Is the service training plan approved?
Is the service training plan given to operational Test group?
Is the training regulated to all the personnel as per the plan?

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