Mobile Access Tower Inspection Checklist

A mobile access tower is supposed to be used suitable to the requirements only by trained professionals who have knowledge and expertise. Built with a cross-beamed vertical structure, these offer safety and better support compared to ladders. Their inspection includes a thorough check of documents, tags, damages, and platforms.

Is risk management in place?
Is correct PPE being worn?
Is a close working permit available?
Is a weekly vehicle sharing check sheet available?
Does the vehicle have a fire extinguisher?
Is there a permit to erect and dismantle the tower?
Is the fire extinguisher within the service period?
Is POWRA completed?
Are there adequate face masks?
Does the vehicle have a fully stocked first aid kit?
Is the vehicle cleaned as per COVID rules?
Are first aid kit items within their expiry date?
Tower description
Name of manufacturer
Scaffold height
Double width
Single width
Is a copy of the instruction manual from the manufacturer available?
Are all cators present?
Are there manufacturer identification markers present?
Are all base plates in good condition?
Do all adjustors on legs freely adjust up and down?
DO they cause any damage to threads?
Are trap door platforms used adequately?
Are braces in good condition?
Are welds in good condition with no cracks?
Are all handrail frames in good condition?
Do all platforms have trap doors?
Are all platforms present and in good condition?
Is there any visible damage to aluminum boarding?
Are toeboards available?
Is there any damage to toe boards?
Are mobile access towers and all their parts in good condition?

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