Manual Reservation Check

Audit verification
Inspector's Name
Inspector's Signature
Reservation details check
Is the guest's name recorded with proper formatting and punctuation?
If there is any additional guest, is his/her profile information recorded correctly with proper formatting and punctuation?
Are the dates of stay mentioned accurately?
Is the number of guests mentioned accurately?
Is the number of bedrooms correct?
Are proper rate codes/promotional codes (if applicable) used?
Is the correct type of room selected?
Are the daily rates accurate?
Are there any fixed rate options?
Is the print rate option removed when required?
Are appropriate rooms allocated to the guests (as per guest requests if any) ?
Is there a proper explanation, if Do Not Move feature is selected?
Is the agent profile accurately attached to the reservation?
Are the market, source and origin codes mentioned correctly?
Is the reference number mentioned accurately in the Voucher field?
Are payment details been updated correctly and with all other (name) details?
At the time of reservation, is any payment taken?
Is the company profile updated at the time of reservation?
Are special requests and arrival time fields updated?
Are any traces or alerts included in the reservation (if required)?
If the reservation is entered manually due to 'Credit Card Expiration Before Arrival' failure, are the guests informed on this?
Overall comments

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