Hotel Reception Audit

Assistance and details on check in
Mention the name of the receptionist
Did the receptionist stand up and welcome warmly?
Did the receptionist address the guest with his/her name throughout the check in procedure?
If the room was not ready, did the receptionist offer assistance for luggage?
Did the receptionist talk about the plans for the stay/journey?
Did the receptionist confirm with the guest about the room type, duration, and breakfast to be included?
If breakfast was not included in the rate, did the receptionist recommended the guest to include it?
Did the receptionist offer assistance to the guest on wake up call?
Did the receptionist explain about the complimentary newspaper
If the room is reserved on the basis of pay at arrival, did the receptionist take full payment before guest's check in?
Did the receptionist ask for a card to hold on to secure incidentals?
Did the receptionist offered to book a time or if the guest is having any other plans?
Did the receptionist explain about the charges of late check out to the guest?
Did the receptionist share the wifi and password with the guest?
Did the receptionist stand up while handing over the room key to the guest, also explaining directions to the room and offering luggage assistance?
Did receptionist finish check in process addressing guest's name and sharing reception call number?
Assistance and details on checkout
Mention the name of the receptionist
Did receptionist stand when the guest arrived at desk?
Did receptionist address the guest by name to check the reservation?
Did the receptionist mention the guest name while having the conversation?
Did the receptionist engage in a conversation to enquire about the guest's stay at the hotel and their time at the location?
Did the receptionist engage in conversation with the guest relating to the plan after leaving the hotel?
Did the receptionist confirm about the payment settlement and if there were any incidentals to be settled from room charge or mini bar?
Did the receptionist ask if the guest had anything from the mini bar?
Did the receptionist offer a copy of the bill and was it handed over in an envelope?
Did the staff bid farewell mentioning to 'see you soon' and explaining any offers (if present)?
Did the receptionist offer to book a cab/luggage assistance or other assistance at the time of departure?
Did the receptionist stand up after finishing check out formalities?
Did the receptionist thank the guest addressing their name and mentioned to see them again?
Assistance from porter
Mention the name of porter
Did you observe the porters engaged in a guest related activity/eager to assist guests?
Did the porter walk the guest to reception or offered any drink in case of queue?
Audit verification
Inspector's Name
Inspector's Signature

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