Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Administrative checks
Is the Registration & insurance card recent?
Is the license plate and tags recent?
Audit verification
Please validate with your signature
Images required
Attach picture of Driver's Side
Attach picture of Passenger's side
Attach picture of Truck's bed
Mechanical and exterior checks
Mention the date of your last service.
Which of the following were checked and fund to be safe?
How was all equipment secures & stored adequately?
Was the Truck organised & not having any excessive material and found to be safe?
Supervision on safety and Project Management
Is the Foreman's Manual up to date with claims reporting forms?
Is the Foreman's Manual up to date with national account forms
Is the Health & Safety Manual present in the truck?
Is the First Aid kit complete and items within the expiration date?
Is the Fire extinguisher mounted with current inspection tag?
Is the sure off tester and water management tools present o truck?
Trailer and related check
Observation after the trailer checked for proper connection to the vehicle:
Were the brakes equipped properly?
Was the Cargo secure checked?
Were the lights/ Marker lamps checked?
Was the springs appear fine?
Vehicle interior checks
Is the interior without trash/dirt?
Is the instrument panel indicating properly?
Is the Windshield and mirrors clean and intact?
Attach interior picture.

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