Guest Arrival Services Checklist

Audit verification
Auditor's Name
Auditor's Signature
Guest arrival and assitance checks
Is there a proper parking guidance and queuing?
Is there a person to open the car door within 60 seconds of vehicle stopping on drive prioritizing ladies first?
Are the guests welcomed with a warm smile and greeting?
Does the staff address your name properly?
Does the staff introduces himself/herself?
Is the valet ticket given to the guest, describing how to use it?
Are the guests explained about the charges of overnight parking?
Does the doorman offer luggage assistance in a polite manner?
Are the guest details noted discreetly?
Does the staff ensure that the complete baggage items are unloaded from the vehicle while addressing guest's name?
Does the staff explain about check in assistance?
Is the attendant well-dressed/groomed and professional in behaviour?
Are any welcome drinks offered to the guests when in queue?
Does the staff engage in friendly conversation like purpose of visit, guest's location etc?
Does the doorperson introduces guest to Foods and drugs policy at the hotel?
Does the doorperson bids fond farewell by addressing guest's name and their own name?
Does the doorman asks if he could assist for anything else?
Does the doorman looks up the guest name at bell stand?
Does the doorman records guests name on the bell log?
Does the doorman asks for the luggage claim ticket?
Is the luggage tag hung on the bell cart?
Is the lower portion of the ticket taken back to FD and discreetly slide across desk to FDA?
Does the doorman return to the drive?

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