General Safety Audit

A safety audit is a tool to inspect safety practices at a construction site. An auditor identifies potential hazards in terms of health, fire, heights, equipment, and other life safety factors and flags issues for actions and improvement where needed.

Aerial lifts
Are aerial lifts available on site?
Are aerial lifts safe to use?
Are electrical equipment used less than 600v?
Is work performed near power lines or high voltage areas more than 600v?
Are any underground operations being conducted?
Are excavations compliant?
Fall protection
Are there any falling hazards for height work at more than 6 ft?
Fire prevention
Are fire extinguishers required?
Are extinguishers inspected?
Is signage for site control available?
Is a safety plan available on site?
Is pre-job briefing conducted?
Are all workers qualified for the job?
Is competent personnel available on site?
Housekeeping and sanitation
Are walkways clear and clean?
Are passageways clear and clean?
Is adequate water being provided?
Is adequate lighting being provided?
Are sanitary facilities well maintained?
Is general neatness of working areas adequate?
Are ladders being used
Are ladders well maintained?
Lifting operations
Are lifting operations occurring on-site?
Is lifting material in good condition?
Material handling
Are mechanical lifts being used where possible?
Are forklifts being used?
Is material stored in a way to ensure minimum lifting?
Any others
Motor vehicle
Are motor vehicles being used?
Are there any unsafe activities being conducted that need attention?
Signature of auditor
Signature of supervisor
Is head protection being worn?
Is eye protection being used where required?
Are gloves used for physical activities?
Are face shields being used?
Is hearing protection being used?
Is reflecting safety vest being used?
Is approved foot protection used?
Is respiratory protection being used?
Is fire-resistant clothing available?
Are scaffolds being used?
Are welding operations being carried out?
Work zones
Are there any traffic concerns at the location?

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