Forklift Operator Daily Checklist

Please confirm if the forklift is safe to operate ?
Signature of the Auditor
Post-Start Checks
Are all controls, pedals and indicators properly working?
Are the reverse buzzer and beacon working correctly?
Is the flashing strobe and all lights in working condition?
Is the steering wheel, from lock to lock working smoothly?
Are both, park and foot brakes working fine?
Is lift, tilt and reach work properly for their full extent?
Pre-Start Checks
Select Date
Please mention the address
Please mention the Forklift identification type and/or number
Are all the tyres in good working condition and is the air pressure appropriate?
Please select the options where the fluid levels are adequate?
Is there any fluid leak seen under the forklift?
Is there any damage, dents or cracks seen?
Is the locking mechanism system working properly?
Are the chains, rams and hydraulic cylinders free of damage and leakage?
Is the battery working properly?
Is the engine bay clean and locking system working properly?
Is the load plate properly fitted and visible?
Are the overhead and backrest guards in good condition?
Is the seat belt, seat and steering wheel in good condition?

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