Field Manager Checklist

A field manager checklist is a comprehensive daily checklist covering all activities of a shift. It includes the staff attendance, any special issues or occurrences, accidents or incidents as well as details of the tasks performed during the said shift. The checklist is a record of all safety, operations, and housekeeping activities in a single place.

Additional comments
Add photos of the job site
Foreman signature
Signature of field manager
what is the total number of workers informed
Is the total number of workers correct?
Has the same been communicated to the superintendent?
Is there any work being performed outside the original scope?
Is the work order being completed for the same?
Is one task being completed before moving on to other?
Explain why, if not
Is there any trade holding us up?
Explain, if yes
Have you suggested any ways to improve production?
Have they been implemented?
Is anything awaited from GC?
Have the production reports been reviewed?
Is general order of cleanliness acceptable?
Is clean-up occurring regularly?
Are working areas clean and tidy?
Is there any debris or trash accumulated in work areas?
Are all materials stacked properly?
Are all materials stored properly?
Safety and equipment
Is the personal fall arrest system in good condition?
Are PPEs and hard hats being worn?
Are PPEs in good condition?
Are correct equipment and tools being used?
Are tools in good condition?
Is equipment tested and inspected regularly?
Is rolling scaffold used?
Are the scaffolds well tagged?
Do scaffolds have guard rails and close ends etc?
ARE scaffold and lifts in good condition?
Are scaffolds and lifts safe?

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