Electrical Safety Check

Audit verification
Electrician's Name
Earthing system
Is earth electrode installed and is the sign fixed to main earthing conductor?
Is identification of earthing conductors easy and safe?
Is earthing secured near Pool fences, water piping, slab reinforcing wet areas?
Is there an adequate connection, joints and terminations?
Is earthing secured against external influences?
Are conductive building materials connected to earth?
Is there a requirement of earthing for additional electrical equipment?
Is the safety check done up to satisfaction?
Electrical equipment checks
How is the overall condition of electrical equipment?
Are isolation devices installed at required places?
Are down lights installed safely?
Is equipment installed as per manufacturer's requirements?
Is there an adequate fixing and support of equipment?
For the operating environment, is the equipment appropriate?
Is there a protection against hazardous items?
Did you find user manuals, operating instructions available?
Exit checks
Are men connections intact?
Are switchboards secure?
Are main switch and circuits returned to their original states?
Are tools/equipment returned to the vehicle?
General details
Mention the kind of installation
Please mention the age of installation
Is there any evidence of modifications?
If yes, please mention the age.
Is is easy to identify cable cores?
Are current carrying capacity up to the standards?
Is there any Voltage Drop?
Is the condition of Aerial installation safe?
Is connection of wiring properly installed and secured?
Is the location of switchboard in secured place?
Is there a basic protection against contact with live parts such as insulations?
Is there switch board area protected against spread of fire?
Are protection devices appropriately installed and suitably rated for over-current protection?
Are connecting devices properly installed and safe?
Is fixing of wiring and switchgear secured?
Is identification and labelling of electrical equipment secured?
Are switchboards protected against external damages/uv lights?
Is there isolation of devices e.g. main switches?
Are switchboards protected against faulty supply/overcurrent?
Are RCD's safely installed on applicable circuits?
Wiring system checks
Is conductor size safe, appropriate and with appropriate capacity?
Is identification of cable cores secured ?
Is wiring system properly supported and are fixings safe?
Are there proper connections and enclosures? Also, are cables suitably terminated?
Does wiring system has clearance from structures, vegetation and ground?
Is wiring system separated from other services like Gas, water, solar?
Is wiring system secured against external influences?
Is installation of cables in accessible areas of the ceiling space?

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