Corridor Audit Template

Corridor cleaning auditing refers to the inspection of the corridors of an institution. It includes the various corners of a corridor, like sweeping, dusting, etc. The type and size of the corridor also affect the audit processes.

Corridor Audit
Floor sweeping done by using mop?
Carpeted floors sweeping done by using a vacuum cleaner?
Every corner and edges of the carpet are cleaned properly using different nozzles of the vacuum cleaner?
A good duster used for the purpose of dusting?
All the fitting and skirting are dusted properly?
Feather brush used for dusting the delicate corners?
Expired light bulbs are regularly checked and removed?
Dusting of vents for air supply done properly?
Fingerprint marks and other faded smudges on walls are checked and removed using adequate wipe?
Both the sides of exit doors are cleaned properly?
Check for any other dust, marks, and stains in the corridor?

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