Cleaning Checklist

The cleaning checklist refers to the template that records the level of cleanliness of bathrooms and washrooms including floors. It also includes kitchenware, office area, common places, conference rooms, etc. Depending upon your needs you can use it.

The sinks and work-tops cleaned properly
The sinks, splash-backs, and work- tops wiped off using damp wipe
The hard surfaces are cleaned properly
Washing and drying of hard surfaces done effectively
Dust bins available in good numbers
Are dust bins and waste-bins emptied and cleaned properly?
Are dustbins smear-free?
The liners of the dust-bins are replaced with new ones
The microwave oven in the kitchen are cleaned using damp wipe
The dishwashers correctly used?
Dishwashers are refilled regularly?
Washing of kitchenware carried out effectively and on regular interval
The consumables are refilled regularly?
Kitchen dust-bins are emptied and cleaned properly and regularly
All the surfaces in the kitchen are cleaned so that no spots are left anywhere
The glass material of common areas crystal clear
The surfaces and floors of common area cleaned efficiently to remove all the spots
The hard surfaces of common area washed and cleaned effectively
No smear on the common area floors
Enough waste-bins in the common are available
All the waste-bins cleaned properly and emptied regularly
The waste-bin liners replaced frequently
The carpets in the common area must be efficiently cleaned
The surfaces of office area clean enough
No spots seen on the surfaces of office areas
The recycling points are effectively clean and spot-free
Glass partitions of the office area are crystal clear
The carpets look all new and fresh after cleaning
The hard floors of office area cleaned using right cleaning equipment
Hard surface floor of office area are washed and wiped properly
The taps, sinks, and splash-back of the washroom cleaned?
The shower heads are clean and dry
The doors of washroom cleaned
The curtains in the shower room washed and fresh
The edges of washroom leaves no spots, dust, or dirt
The floors are washed properly
Floors are cleaned and dried
The taps are clean enough to use
Taps are polished to make it shiny
General waste bins in the washroom cleaned and emptied on a regular basis
The waste-bins are smear-free
The urinals and WCs disinfected using appropriate disinfectants
The mirrors are polished and looks crystal clear
The consumables are refilled as per requirement
The sofas of the reception area cleaned?
Sofas dusted using vacuum cleaner/damp cloth
The tables and desks of reception area cleaned enough to look fresh
The area outside the entrance door cleaned and made dust-free
The telephones are daily cleaned
Telephones are sanitized daily
The floors of reception area washed and dried
Carpets and mats of entrance region cleaned using vacuum cleaner
The security door looks all clear and smear-free
Walls of reception area cleaned and spot-free
Light fittings are properly cleaned
The conference tables are dusted and damp wiped
Side tables in the conference room cleaned
The telephones of conference area sanitized and cleaned daily
The waste bins of the conference room cleaned daily
Waste bins are emptied and the liners are regularly replaced
Carpets of conference rooms cleaned using vacuum cleaners The carpets are soot-free
The recycle-bins are emptied or not fully occupied
The recyclable products are kept aside
The buttons and other signs in the lifts clean and clear
The walls of lifts are cleaned and damp wiped
The mirrors in the lift (if any) are crystal clear
Waste bins are emptied and the liners are regularly replaced
The door runners are free from dust and dirt
Door runners are cleaned using vacuum brush
Carpets of lift and lobbies clean enough
The hard floors in lift and lobbies are made spot-free after cleaning
The debris, dust, and dirt of the stairs swept and removed
Litters, dust, and debris from other areas removed using appropriate equipment
The building exterior are cleaned to remove any sort of sticky substances or graffiti
The external glazing are regularly cleaned and to date it looks polished and clear
Are cigarettes ash-trays dirt and ash-free

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