Cargo Inspection Checklist

Interior of the container
Container was watertight?
Interior of the Container is absolute dry?
Interior of container clean, free of cargo residue and neutral in odour?
Any nails or other object present that might damage the cargo?
Outside of the container
Are there holes or cracks present on the container?
Were the doors working well?
Was the closing devices working properly
Post packing Checks
Is the container well packed for the cargo and anticipated transit stresses?
Copy of the packing placed in a visible manner?
Lumber used as a packaging material?
Are the roof covering and doors closed properly?
Closures secured wit metal or other seals to reduce theft risk?
Previous adhesive labels removed?
Pre Loading
Select the type of holds
Select the type of hatch covers
Required Shipping Documents
Was the proforma invoice complete or incomplete?
Was the commercial invoice complete or incomplete?
Was the packing list complete or incomplete?
Was the certificates of origin complete or incomplete?
Was the shipper's letter of Instruction complete or incomplete?
Was the bills of lading complete or incomplete?
Was the dangerous goods form completed?
Select the type of container
Type of Cargo?
Sign off
Mark if the following were checked prior to loading
Comment if there was an additional observations
Please provide Inspectors Name
Inspectors Signature

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