COSHH Risk Assessment Checklist

Assessment Completed By
Signature of the Assessor
Please select the kind of controls that are currently in place?
If Other is selected in the above, please provide an explanation
Please select the options for which First Aid was available?
Please elaborate on the Environmental effects that these Hazards could cause ?
Please select the overall assessment of risk with regard to current usage of this substance
Hazard Checks
Please select the severity which the Hazard could cause?
Please describe the activity or the work process
Please mention the location where the process is being carried out
Are any Hazardous substances being produced in any of the processes?
Please select the people who are at risk
Please select the type of Hazard
If Other is selected in the above, please specify the nature of Hazard type?
Please select the route of exposure?
If Other is selected in the above, please specify state type?
Improvement Areas
Do you think if the current controls are effective or not?
Does the MSDS suggest any controls that are not in place
Is air monitoring proper?
Can the process be re-engineered
Has the use of an alternative less dangerous substance been considered?
Date of Next Review

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