Asbestos Removal Audit Checklist

Asbestos removal is a procedure to remove asbestos fibres from asbestos containing materials. In order to make the procedure smooth and error free, an audit checklist is prepared that helps the managers inspect all the aspects of the process. 

Asbestos removal
Project Manager:
Type of work: Pre-work/during work/post work
Is the Asbestos survey completed?
Is a qualified supervisor available for the job?
Has testing been completed?
Are test results available on the site?
Is the supervisor present during the removal process?
Have the authorities been notified?
Is there a copy of the same available on site?
Is there an ARCP prepared for the site?
Is the same available at the site?
Has the acknowledgment of the ARCP been signed by all workers?
Has the risk assessment been done?
Is SSSP prepared for the site?
Is a copy of the same available?
Have all the workers been inducted?
Is an incident register maintained on the site?
When was the hazard register updated?
Have toolbox talks been occurring everyday?
If no, when was the last talk conducted?
Does the site have an emergency evacuation plan?
Are the employees trained on emergency evacuation?
Is a first aid kit available?
Are all electrical equipment tagged?
Does the site have dedicated first aid personnel?
Does the site have FFE?
Asbestos Work Area - Enclosure
Is it an air tight enclosure?
Are only appropriate plastics being used?
Have all the seams been sealed prior to work?
Has smoke testing been conducted for the enclosure?
Is a viewing window available?
Is a compatible NPU being used?
Is a current DOP certificate available for the same?
Is adequate lighting available?
Has weekly inspection of NPU been conducted?
Are right SOPs and maintenance procedures being put in place for NPU?
Is AWA clean as per acceptable standards?
Has air monitoring been performed?
Are daily inspections of enclosures conducted?
Are the same being recorded in logs?
Are all pending repairs being taken care of?
Are the results of air monitoring available on site?
Is the whole AWA cleaned in a satisfactory manner?
Has EVA/EPA been sprayed at all surfaces?
Has a visual inspection completed by a competent person or an asbestos inspector?
Has air clearance testing been conducted?
Did it pass?
Are all tools and equipment stored securely?
Are all RPE and PPE properly cleaned?
Final status of Asbestos Removal
Signature of auditor
Decontamination unit
Is the ‘clean area’ clean?
Are there clear demarcation lines at the site?
Is a secure separation available between zones?
Is the decontamination unit being used a three stage one?
Are all workers trained in the decontamination process?
Are the workers following the steps of decontamination steps?
Are all contaminated clothes being returned for cleaning?
Is the contaminated clothing considered as ACM waste?
Are underclothes supplied to workers?
Do the showers have running hot water?
Is the shower filter serviced as per guidelines?
Are the showers clean?
Do the employees have access to clean changing areas?
Does the changing area have benches ?
Is there a clean clothing storage available for workers?
Are the RPE storage containers kept in a clean area?
General Asbestos Work Area
Is there a proper signage in place?
Is there an arrangement for decontamination facilities?
Has general access been restricted?
Is there a need for authority approval for the task?
Has the same been obtained?
Is the H class vacuum weekly inspection performed?
Is a compatible H class vacuum being used on the site?
Is a current DOP certificate available for the same?
Are all employees medically fit for working with Asbestos?
Do they have a valid certificate for the same?
Are the employees trained on using RPE and PPE?
Has an updated Asbestos Medical Log been maintained?
Are all staff well groomed and clean shaven?
Are all personnel wearing PPE and RPE?
Are training records maintained?
Are RPE being cleaned and stored properly?
Is a record available of individual ownership of RPE?
Are employees able to demonstrate a fitting test of RPE?
Has a hazard control training been conducted?
Working methods
Is all ACM waste double bagged?
Are all ACM waste containers marked well?
Are there sufficient containers available on site?
Is the waste being stored securely?
Are the exterior of waste containers clean?
Is wastewater also considered as ACM waste?
Is the dangerous goods road rule being followed at the time of waste disposal?
Is the disposal planned to an approved waste site?

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