7 S Audit

This inspection is characterized as a rule to assess the viability and proficiency of a set of things such as housekeeping, security, and natural benchmarks. It includes inspecting sites for walls and floors, doors, lights, and other amenities in the powerhouse. The aim is to create a safe environment to project efficiency and implementing high standards of the organization.

Type of change
Describe the change
Document of MOC
Is the environment department notified?
Is there a need to increase the production limits on ECA permits?
Is spill possible due to change?
Are fire accidents possible due to change?
Is there involvement of flammables or combustibles in the change process?
Is there involvement of acids, corrosives or alkalies in the change process?
Is there involvement of designated substances in the change process?
Is there an increase in the number of chemicals or metals used?
Is substance notification requirements, NPRI, Spill plan verified?
Is waste generated recyclable?
Does the change produce any hazardous wastes or by-products?
Types of wastes produced
Are additional waste bins needed?
Is energy usage increased?
Type of energy
Number of extra waste bins needed
The equipment energy saving ratings
Any other equipment which is more energy efficient
Is addition to the environmental aspects list needed?
Is addition to the significant environmental aspects list needed?
Is there a need of a controlled environment?
Is the change documented?
Does the change exhaust to outside?
Exhaust number/stack
Is there a need for an exhaust system or air scrubber?
Does it affect Environmental Legislation?
Is there a pre-requisite for the change?
Are permits/certificates or testing necessary before implementation?
Is there a need for industrial hygiene testing for air, noise, or vibration?
Measure internal noise
Is there an ESA sticker on electrical equipment?
Has the engineer completed all pre-start safety reviews?
Are all non-conformances corrected?
Has the line engineer completed the ergonomic design checklist?
Has the engineer completed hazard assessment/risk assessment?
Do all equipment abide by regulations for industrial establishments?
Are lock-out / tag-out signs posted?
Is identification and labeling of lock-out points done?
Is filling of operator instruction sheets done?
Is filling of pre-use inspection sheets done?
Are additional specific procedures required?
Are additional emergency responses required?
Are additional postings required?
Are additional PPE required?
Additional PPE
Describe the update needed for the EEHS training plan for this change
Sign off
Auditor name
Auditor signature

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