garment quality control checklist

There are several inquiries that need to be done for any garment production. From stitches to buttons and buttonholes, every detail is important to do an effective garment quality inspection.

Garment Quality Control
Is there any defective or cracked item?
Is there any defect in style?
Is any button rusted, broken or twisted?
Any beads or buttons placed incorrectly?
Incorrect thread color used for any button or sequins?
Wrongly installed substituted buttons or beads?
Extra button given?
Buttonhole sizes correct?
Buttonholes put at the right places?
Buttonhole sewn correctly and neatly?
Enough buttonholes?
Any leftover thread around the buttonhole that might cause hindrance to the buttons?
Skipped stitches at the buttonholes?
Incomplete stitching?
Measurement point: Size 12
Measurement point: Size 14
Measurement point: Size 16
Measurement point: Size 18
Reference number of product:
Order number:
Order quantity:
Remaining quantity:
Sample size:
Is packaging eligible to pass?
Is the printed label on the polybag okay?
Is inner packing okay?
Is outer packing okay?
Did the products pass the pull Test?
Did the product pass the fatigue test?
Did stretchable fabrics pass the stretch test?
Are all the buttons attached properly?
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