Bakery thermometer calibration log checklist

Food safety programs need precise record-keeping of temperatures to be able to produce exact results and be successful. Thermometers used for measuring higher temperature items should be calibrated in boiling water and the ones used for measuring lower temperatures should be calibrated in ice water. In all cases, the thermometer should not be contacting the container being used which can lead to incorrect temperature readings.

Inspection area
Area Id
Is the hand wash area clean?
Does the area have soap and single-use napkins?
Is sanitizing solution available in all areas?
Is sanitizer concentration as per the need?
Is hand sanitizer stocked up?
Is hand wash direction displayed?
Is hand washed properly?
Is everyone wearing gloves?
Are employees wearing a hair covering caps?
Is the hand wash sink used for washing hands?
Are nails trimmed and clean?
Are employees wearing minimal accessories or jewelry?
Are employees eating and drinking in the work area?
Are employees wearing a proper uniforms?
Are employees covering their faces while sneezing or coughing?
Are all wearing proper PPE?
Are injuries properly bandaged?
Are proper industry shoes worn?
Are eye protections worn if necessary?
Are industry gloves worn when dealing with heavy items?
Sign off
Employee interviewed
Supervisor of the unit -name
Supervisor of the unit -signature

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