Washroom cleaning report

Washroom cleaning is a major hygiene task. It must never be overlooked. In a way, it is the prime concern of any site. A clean washroom provides a better working environment for the employees.

Washroom Cleaning Report
The sinks are properly sanitized
The splash-backs and counter top of the washroom sanitized regularly
Washroom floors are disinfected and washed daily and properly
The taps are cleaned and also sanitized
The garbage bin looks in good condition
The garbage bags are changed daily
Garbage is emptied regularly?
All the urinals and toilets are cleaned and disinfected?
The walls of the bathroom are wiped followed by its sanitization
The mirrors of the washroom look crystal clear?
Are mirrors cleaned and polished to make it smear-free
Hand dryers installed in the washroom?
Hand dryers working in good condition?
Toilet paper dispensers in good working condition?
Air freshener available in the washroom?
Soap dispensers are filled adequately and working efficiently?
Sufficient lights and bulbs available in the washroom
Do any of these bulbs need replacement?

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