Transport Operations Compliance Checklist

Administration checks
Are all reconciliations up to date?
Does Holiday planning impact on the needs of the business?
Is Cascade fully utilised with absence/holidays being recorded correctly?
Are all Digi Cards downloaded for drivers?
Are all vans downloaded?
Are Infringements fed back, documented and escalated when needed?
Are warehouse Template Audits being used and is feedback given?
Are training Matrix and Records updated?
Are cross training for drivers with other areas evidenced?
Audit Verification
Manager's signature
Name of the inspector/manager
General information
Is daily inspection record completed every day and are actions carried out?
Is shift handover form completed every day and are actions carried out?
Is Area zero Nil?
Is waste stored and/or disposed of correctly? Also, is compactor area clean?
Is interior's stock stored safely?
Are all products secured on trolley racks?
Is warehouse location utilised to warehouse systems and lines condensed?
Are old furniture items suitably bagged, sealed and collected?
Are weekly stock counts completed?
Are all returned items packaged and identified clearly?
Are all returned items booked into the correct inspections area on receipt?
Is product protection in force throughout the warehouse?
Did you find any items without suitable product protection
Please mention the current stockholdings
Health, Safety and Reports
Is signing in book fulfilled by all visitors?
Are high Visibility Vests, safety shoes and manual handling belts being used throughout the depot?
Are trolleys stored correctly?
Are Fire Exits clear of obstructions?
Are there any obvious slip and trip hazards?
Are Pedestrian areas obstruction free?
Is weekly Fire Alarm test carried out?
Is weekly Fire Marshall test finished?
Is Monthly EML test carried out?
Are Accident Reports logged and are copies sent to Head Office?
Are all employees using full uniform?
Is designated smoking area used and is the area tidy, with no evidence of smoking elsewhere on site?
Is Car park as well as loading area clean and dirt-free?
Are carpets, floors and work tops clean?
Are general office standards able to identify high standards at all times?
Please mention the percentage vs stockholding
Are inspections lines clean with all items labelled?
Are all items within the inspections lines and properly secured?
Is the Job card system followed correctly?
Are fire tags and batch labels replaced where required?
Are inspection rooms neat and tidy?
Are all items being worked on are booked into the inspections room?
Are all stock repairs have parts on order?
Vehicle checks
Are Vehicles clean inside and out?
Do vehicles displaying a valid tax disc and O licence?
Do vehicles have the correct product protection?
Does each driver have a valid driving licence with the appropriate entitlement?
Are all vehicles fully serviced?
Is there a service schedule for all vehicles?
Do all vehicles have a valid MOT certificate?
Are hire vehicles authorised before ordering?
Do all vehicles have padlocks in place?
Are defect Reports completed and submitted?
Are defects noted on defect reports and are corrective actions taken?
Are tyre checks carried out ?

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