Hotel Safety & Security Inspection (Covid Special)

Audit verification
Inspector's Name
Inspector's Signature
COVID-19 safety measures
Are employees following proper hand hygiene standards to sanitize hands with an alcohol-based hand rub?
Are employees limiting the touch to their eyes, nose, and mouth when unnecessary?
Is proper respiratory hygiene like coughing/sneezing into a bent elbow or tissue and then immediately disposing the tissue followed by the employees?
Are employees wearing a medical mask and performing hand hygiene after disposing of the mask?
Is there a minimum distance of 1 meter between employees and other persons with respiratory symptoms?
Is frequent hand and respiratory hygiene practiced by professional security team on duty?
Are medical masks and gloves easily accessible by the security team?
Are medical masks and gloves used by the security team?
Is security team practicing social distancing within the premises?
Is the number of professional security adequate within the premises despite practicing social distancing?
Are public areas and frequently touched surfaces regularly disinfected?
Please elaborate the measures taken to prevent covid-19
Exterior checks
Is outside of the hotel well illuminated?
Is a professional security manager appointed?
Is access to underground parking authorized and controlled?
Does the hotel have an emergency plan with frequent trial checks?
Do the public areas have CCTV?
Does the hotel have emergency power facility and is it operational?
Is the area of the hotel free of high risk facilities?
Are all entrance doors monitored and limit the access?
Fire protection
Is there an alerting system provided to hotel guests incase of emergency?
Are fire extinguishers available and easily accessible?
Is there a sprinkler system in case of fire?
Are emergency exit doors built with panic hardware in case of fire emergency?
Do the emergency exit stairs have direct access to outside the hotel?
Are the fire plans regularly tried out?
Is the hotel staff trained on basic fire safety?
Does each floor have clear markings indicating fire exits?
Personal hygeine and training
Is the personal hygiene followed by the employees?
Are the employees in proper uniform and wearing a name tag?
Select on which of the following are employees trained
Pre-inspection checks
Before starting this inspection, is the inspector wearing proper PPE?
Are the appropriate people/personnel informed before starting this inspection?
During this inspection, will you interact with other people?
Rooms, Hygiene and safety
Are the rooms operated by a card-key system?
Is there a peephole on the door?
Are the rooms provided with safe/lockers?
Are the rooms connected with high speed Internet?
Is soap/alcohol-based hand rub available in the room for guests?
Overall comments on the inspection
Screening at entrance
Are bags/luggage screened at the entrance of the hotel?
Are people screened at the entrance of the hotel?
Is screening of vehicles done before entering the hotel area?

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