Hotel Environment Checklist

Audit verification
Inspector's name
Inspector's signature
Exterior premises
Is the exterior signage clean?
Is the signage well lit, not obstructed and well-maintained?
Is the car park area and grounds well lit? (7 pm to 5 am)
Are the grounds, gardens, fences, garden furniture and related equipment clean and damage free?
Is the car park and route to the entrance clean and well maintained?
Are the bins and ash bins provided and in good condition?
Is the exterior of the building clean and damage free?
Are all the building lights working and illuminated from 7 pm to 5 am?
Reception checks
Do you find any bad odour at the reception?
Are all the furnishings, fixtures and fittings in good condition?
Select which of the reception areas were clean?
Select which of the reception areas needs repair?
Are doors/handles/poster frames clean and damage free?
Are woodwork and skirting clean and damage free?
Are table and chairs clean and damage free?
Is the phone/pc dust and damage free?
Are public toilets are clean and well stocked?
Do public toilets need any repair?
Door entry system buzzer and desk buzzer are present, in working order and linked to pager
Is the music played at a comfortable volume? (no radio being played)
Is the Tv being played and maintained up to standards?
Did you find any vending machine, if yes, is it well stocked and maintained?
Select which of them follows the most recent merchandising guide?
Select which of them are clean and well maintained?
Are notices internally generated?
Are POS up to the standards?
Are company documents (memos etc) secured and out of reach of guests?
Are doors/Flaps from public area to offices locked properly?
Are back office doors secured from inside and is a telephone available in the office?

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