Fire Safety Audit

Audit verification
Date of inspection
Inspector's signature
Exigency Plans
Is there a provision for disabled persons in case of emergency evacuation?
Are there usage instructions mentioned on the first aid fire fighting equipment?
Are provisions made for patients or visitors with impaired vision?
Are all fire escape signs clearly visible with proper images?
Do fire doors show appropriate signs (Fire Door Keep Shut/Push bar to open)?
Did you find signs mentioning "Fire Exit" doors got "Fire Exit Keep Clear "?
Are all red break glass call points identifiable?
Did you find "Action In case of Fire" notice beside each red break glass call point?
Do all "Action in case of Fire" notices have assembly point suitable for all?
Fire alarm
Select which of them is applicable to fire alarm
Did you find break glass call points at each final exits?
Is the fire alarm loud enough to be heard throughout the building?
Is the fire alarm visible?
Is the fire alarm inspected weekly within the assessment area?
Are there records of inspecting and maintenance of fire alarm system?
Before commencing the work, is the staff properly trained on fire safety?
Is the fire safety training mandate for all employees?
Is the staff trained on means of escape, fire warning system and routine procedures?
Are there records for fire drills?
Are fire drills executed?
Mention the date of last evacuation drill
When the staff comes in or goes out of the assessment area, are records maintained?
Are records maintained for visitors/guests coming in/going out of the premises?
Are fire hazard rooms separated from the other rooms, providing a facility of fire resistance for at least half hour?
Does the assessment have any previous RRO Audits conducted by local fire and rescue service?
Overall comments/recommendations
Fire figthing equipments
Did you find any other fire-fighting provision to help firefighters?
Is the fire-fighting equipment properly positioned and accessible?
Are all fire extinguishers properly placed and aligned on escape routes?
Are the extinguishers adequate and well sited?
Do fire extinguishers position need indicating?
Are fire blankets available on-site incase of fire?
Within the assessment area, are the use of automatic fire extinguishers/suppressant systems considered?
Fire safety and getaways
Is the total travel distance to the nearest emergency exit been calculated?
Are the number and dependency of people using the premises taken into consideration while determining the means of escape?
Are the means of escape considered while making the evacuation strategy?
Are beds/furniture stored without blocking escape way?
Lighting on routes
Is the building large enough to require lightning protection?
Are all access roads to the building obstruction free?
Are there regular maintenance checks for lighting within the assessment area?
Limit Fire spread and other checks
Is the building properly divided into compartments and sub-compartments to reduce the spread of fire?
Are all doors leading to protected shafts fitted with an automatic self-closing device?
Are self closing devices on fire doors functioning correctly, including door selectors?
Are fire doors operational and in good condition?
Do fire doors work properly upon activating fire alarm?
Do automatic sliding doors work properly upon activating fire alarm?
Are the cavities in roofs, ceilings, walls covered to prevent smoke/fire spread?
Is there an automatic fire detection system on-site?
Modes to exit
Is the evacuation strategy laid out?
Are there adequate fire exits as per the occupancy of the building?
Does the emergency plan for the premises mentions preferred methods and suitability?
Did you find the doors on the escape route side-hung or pivoted?
If the sliding doors are present on the escape route, do they open outward?
Are all doors in the premises obstruction free?
Is the building structured in a way that could withstand the spread of fire/smoke for at least 30 minutes?
Is the escape route clearly established?
Does the escape route have anti-slip surface?
Are there sufficient handrails on the escape routes?
Is there an escape lighting on the escape route?
Is there at least 2 separate compartments on each floor?
Does each compartment have a minimum of 2 fire exits?
Do shafts surrounding stairways have direct access to the outside at ground level?
Is there escape lighting in the premises?
Is primary lighting available to all internal and external escape routes safely?
Did you find escape lift within the assessment area?
Are there alternate ways for disabled persons to escape, incase of fire, when lifts are not in use?
Is the building designed in way to restrain fire for a reasonable period?
If the premises has a wall common to two or more buildings, does it make a provision to reduce the spread of fire between those buildings?
Origin of flames and fuel
Select which of them have the procedures in place to control
Are all portable equipment PAT tested?
Is the electrical wiring examined by a capable person?
Is the electrical wiring good in condition?
Are all electrical sockets, plugs, appliances, fittings, bulbs, and adapters in good condition?
Are all light bulbs/shades and fittings away from flammable materials?
Is there proper lightning protection system in the assessment area?
Is there any record of previous fire loss within the assessment area?
Select which of the following are properly stored in the assessment
Are all textiles/furnishings up to the standards?
Are all storage areas monitored properly?
Are all store doors locked and secured?
Are all the documents stored properly?
Are all exit/escape routed free of obstructions/ignitiable items?
Oxygen supplies
Are all oxygen supplies/gases stored and controlled within the assessment area?
Are valves of oxygen supplies properly labeled for identification?
People and vulnerability
The employees who work in isolated areas, are there any policies to make them safe at night?
Are all people who are unfamiliar with the premises, made aware of the fire safety procedures?
Is the evacuation process safe for mentally disabled people, people with vision or hearing impairment, elderly patients, children and other disabled people?
Are there procedures in place in regard to the evacuation of any mentally disabled people, people with vision or hearing impairment, elderly patients, children and other disabled people?
Is a plan in place in the evacuation of people with language difficulties?
Did you find any people in the surrounding area of the premises?
Are there procedures to minimize fire risks?
Is the capacity of patients examined within the assessment area?
Is the capacity of staff members examined within the assessment area?

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