Abseiling checklist

The abseiling checklist refers to the procedure of checking on abseiling sports. You must check if or not all the abseiling equipment are properly fixed and safe enough. All the points must be covered in order to establish effective and secure sports activity.

Method statement and risk assessment reviewed?
Are all the communication equipment available?
All the equipments are in working condition?
Sufficient window cleaning equipment
Window cleaning equipment works efficiently?
Enough water containers available
All the water containers are in good condition
The operatives are IRATA trained?
The belt holders available?
Belt holders are working properly?
Are belt holders in good condition?
Is the lanyard ready?
The lanyard is in good condition
The tool hip buckets for participants available
The tool hip buckets in good working condition
Is the body harness sufficient?
Body harness equipment in good working condition
The ropes are available and in good working condition
Harness equipment are checked in date
The fixed anchor points are checked properly
All the fixed anchor points in good working condition
Counter-weight system available
Counter-weight system in good condition
Risk assessment completely done?
Do operatives carry communication devices like mobiles and phones
Initial wind speed checked properly?

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