AED Maintenance checklist

An AED Maintenance inspection checklist refers to the audit of AED supplies and if they are up to mark. In the absence of this inspection, essential AED supplies may be missing or defective resulting in a lag in the system.

Is relevant paperwork available?
Is correct material available?
Is the job information available by the supervisor?
Is the material of optimum quality?
Are correct tools and equipment available?
Is site-specific PPE being used?
Is there a sufficient time frame allotted to tasks?
Are all required documents been signed on?
Are tasks being carried out as per RAMS?
Is housekeeping good?
Is the quality of installation acceptable?
Has the asbestos report been referred to before commencement of work?
Are test results recorded?
Are pictures recorded for office use?
Is a helper available?
Is the worker able to carry out required tasks?
Is the helper aware of safety standards?
Is general development acceptable?
Is housekeeping good?
Is behavior on-site acceptable?

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